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Honest Dumplings

Honest Dumplings - Dumpling - Chinese Takeout Pack

50km from Warehouse
Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer
Frozen Food

$14.99/12 pack

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Takeout night can be every night with the Chinese Takeout Variety Pack in your freezer. No need to tip the delivery person, just deliver these dumplings straight into your mouth. Inspired by three classic Chinese takeout dishes: General Tso's Chicken, Ginger Beef, Sweet and Sour Pork. 4 X General Tso's Chicken (Orange Wrapper with Paprika and Pepper) This irresistible sweet and spicy General Tso’s Chicken dumpling is the winner of our staff dumpling party. This classic crowd-pleasing chicken dish makes a perfect dumpling filling. Every bite is so juicy and flavourful! 4 X Pineapple Sweet & Sour Pork (White Wrapper with Chives) This dumpling is inspired by the classic Shanghai style sweet and sour pork recipe. Juicy and tender pork shoulder slow cooked in pineapple juice, soy sauce and cooking wine, seasoned with authentic dark Chinese vinegar, garnished with green onions and toasted sesame seeds. No one can resist the perfectly balanced sweet and sour flavour and bright appearance! 4 X Ginger Beef (Orange Wrapper) This is a secret family ginger beef recipe that nobody turns down. We decided if it could fit in a dumpling then we had to do it. Crunchy fried beef, freshly shredded carrots and a sweet and sour gingery sauce all in one bite! Your dumplings can be steamed or pan fried. The cooking instruction card is inside the package.


General Tso Chicken Ingredients: Chicken, Red bell pepper, Water, Organic wheat flour, Tamari soy sauce (water, soybeans, salt, sugar), Sugars (sugar, honey), Hoisin sauce (brown sugar, water, miso (water, soybeans, rice, salt, alcohol, Aspergillus oryzae, yeast), table molasses, tamari (water, soybeans, salt, alcohol, Aspergillus oryzae bacterial culture), apple vinegar diluted with water, garlic puree (garlic, water, citric acid), ginger puree (ginger, water, salt, citric acid), concentrated plum juice, spice, arrowroot, inactive yeast), Olive pomace oil, Ginger, Garlic, Green onion, Spicy sauce (sunflower oil, garlic, ginger, green onion, chili flakes, sesame seeds, sesame oil, sea salt, brown sugar), Chinkiang vinegar (water, glutinous rice, wheat bran, sugar, salt), Sesame oil, Organic sriracha (organic jalapeno peppers, water, organic sugar, organic distilled vinegar, salt, organic garlic powder, xanthan gum), Organic cornstarch, Chicken broth (chicken stock, salt, chicken fat, natural flavour, sugar, maltodextrin, yeast extract, xanthan gum, propylene glycol alginate), Paprika, Black pepper, Sea salt Ginger Beef Bites Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, Beef, Water, Carrots, Sugars (brown sugar), White vinegar, Ginger, Tamari soy sauce (water, soybeans, salt, sugar), Carrot juice, Organic cornstarch, Olive pomace oil, Spice, Sea salt Pineapple Sweet and Sour Pork Ingredients: Pork, Crushed pineapple (pineapple, pineapple juice, citric acid), Organic wheat flour, Cooking wine (water, rice, wheat, salt), Sugar, Carrot juice, Tamari soy sauce (water, soybeans, salt, sugar), Green onions, Chinkiang vinegar (water, glutinous rice, wheat bran, sugar, salt), Olive pomace oil, Sesame seeds, Sea salt, Chives


Honest Dumplings

Honest Dumplings started with Ray's passion for food and creativity and Chris's passion for ...

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