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Holy Kraut

Holy Kraut - Sauerkraut - Kim Chi

Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer
Handmade Product

$10.99/500 ml

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We kept this spicy tradition as close to the real thing as possible with one exception.. it's Vegan! There is no fish in this dish.. only Canadian East Coast Sea Weed. * All of our Krauts are aged for 30 days to give you the highest rate of Active Pro-biotic Cultures.


Green Cabbage, Himalayan Sea Salt, Garlic cloves, Celtic Sea Salt, East Coast Dulse, Chile Paste (dried chiles, sundried tomatos, filtred H20), Yellow Onions, Daikon Radish, Tender Loving Care Made in a Kitchen that processes Wheat, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Dairy and Soy.


Holy Kraut

We make Unpasteurized Sauerkraut in Canada, Made in Strathmore AB, Fresh, Raw, Chemical Free and Wildly Fermented