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GT's Kombucha

GT's - Kombucha - Winter Edition - Pure Love

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$4.79/480 ml

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GT's limited edition flavour, Pure Love, features a fruity floral blend that marries its organic, raw kombucha with fresh pressed blood orange, dried rose buds and petals, dried hibiscus flowers, fragrant rose water and 100% pure love. The Pure Love campaign promotes universal love by inspiring acts of love for yourself and others. This heartfelt sentiment is artistically captured in the unique, radiant bottle design.


GT's Kombucha (kombucha culture*, black tea*, green tea*, kiwi juice*), fresh pressed blood orange juice*, hibiscus*, rose*

*organically produced

Please note: Kombucha is a fermented tea that has naturally occurring alcohol. Do not consume if you are avoiding alcohol due to pregnancy, allergies, sensitivities, or religious beliefs.

Keep refrigerated - naturally effervescent. May leak or gush if unrefrigerated. Do not shake.


GT's Kombucha