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Greens - Lettuce - Trusted Freshness - Lotto

50km from Warehouse
Alberta Made

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Local greens in the winter is the best. These baby greens are packed full of nutrition to keep you healthy in these dark winter day. Grown only 20 minutes from our warehouse, Trusted Freshness grows these greens with no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. They are harvested at the tender leaf stage retaining freshness and flavor.

Green Wave is a buttery tasting lettuce ideal for salads, wraps, tacos, lettuce rolls and sandwhiches. It is an excellent source of nutrients, minerals and fibre
Tenderleaf Romaine is a mild tasting and tender deep green leafy variety of romaine. Its savory flavor makes it perfect for salads, wraps and grilling. It is harvested at the juvenile stage for peak nutritional content.
Chef's Bibb is known for its slightly buttery taste and unique texture. This butter head lettuce is excellent for salads, warps and sandwiches.


Trusted Freshness