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Earthbound Farm Organic

Greens - Lettuce - Spring Mix - Large


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The 7 to 13 varieties of baby lettuces in this classic mesclun will bring excitement and originality to your appetizers in addition to being incredibly rich in flavors. From young traditional Romaine lettuce leaves to bold Arugula and the elegant Lollo Rossa, the Fresh Attitude Spring Mix components will vary during the season to meet harvest peeks and prevent spoilage, making it our most sustainable lettuce blend.

Freshness guarantee is 3 days from BB date however they should last long past that date


Baby lettuces (oak leaf, tango, green and red leaf, lollo rossa), Baby crucifers (mizuna, kale, arugula, tatsoi), Baby chard, Baby spinach, Frisee, Radicchio, Endive. Ingredients may vary.


Earthbound Farm Organic

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