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Certified Organic

Earthbound Farm Organic

Greens - Arugula - Baby

$4.99/142 g

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Wow this green can multi task – great as a salad, but even better for cooking! spread on top of pizza straight from the oven, add it to your favorite pasta dish, or sauté with spinach for a spicy side dish.

It's so tasty many pests love it too! Because this is organic produce (so not sprayed with pesticides that conventional farmers might use) it is not uncommon for the leaves to contain a few holes from critters who've helped themselves to a meal in the field. Regardless of the odd hole, your arugula will always be fresh and delicious

Best Before date may be the Friday or Saturday following delivery due to supplier delivery schedules. Best Before dates are just a guideline and greens often last days past these dates.


Earthbound Farm Organic

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