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The Greek Gods

Greek Gods - Honey Yogurt - 10% MF

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The Greek Gods Honey Flavoured Yogurt is made with fresh pasteurized milk and cream, and sweetened with honey to create a sweet creamy delicacy with a rich taste Uses: The Greek Gods honey yogurt can be added to smoothies and cereals, or to make a parfait for breakfast. It is a fantastic healthier alternative to ice cream, or as a topping for fresh fruit. The Greek Gods honey yogurt is an excellent way to sweeten most any dish! The Greek Gods yogurt is enriched with 7 Live & Active Cultures (Contains 1 billion cfu of active cultures per 125 g serving) including Probiotics and is source of calcium and vitamin D. Expires within a minimum of 5 days.


Milk, cream, evaporated cane syrup, skim milk powder, honey, pectin, active bacterial cultures* (*S. thermophilus, L. d. bulgaricus, L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium sp., L. p. casei, L. rhamnosus, P. f. shermanii.)

The Greek Gods

Once you’ve had The Greek Gods® Greek-Style Yogurt – known for its smoother body and creamier mouth appeal – you won’t go back to the old standard.