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Gold Forest Grains

Gold Forest Grains - Rye Flour

50km from Warehouse
Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer

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Nothing but whole kernels of organic rye grown on the farm in Morinville and freshly milled. It's a fantastic flour for breads/buns. Mix with wheat flour for higher rising bread. This rye flour is light and fluffy. Rye flour is closely related to wheat flour and has a slightly sour taste. It is often used to make rye bread and sourdough bread. Breads made from rye flour are generally darker and denser than other breads and have a distinctive flavour. Rye flour is high in soluble fibre but low in gluten. Its low gluten content means breads made with rye flour do not rise well. To compensate, many cooks often mix rye flour with wheat flour, which better allows yeast to develop and the bread to rise.


Gold Forest Grains

Certified Organic farm near Edmonton, Alberta that is producing stone-milled flour and whole grain products ...

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