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Ganesha Foods

Ganesha Foods - Spices - Turmeric Powder

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Benefits of Cold Grinding:

We use specialized equipment to lower the temperature of our spices during the grinding process. This helps them retain a far higher percentage of volatile oils - the source of flavour, aroma, and health-promoting substances such as antioxidants, flavonoids, and polyphenols. Cold grinding produces finer particles that give your favourite dishes smooth texture and consistent colour.

Our Organic turmeric is a common staple in all Indian and Asian cooking. This is the spice that makes it's colorful presence felt in the entire dish. By introducing this crucial ingredient to your meal will completely transform your view of exotic eating.

Our Organic turmeric has the distinct qualities which has made it famous world wide. The smell of tradition, exceptional taste, bright vibrant color. By simply adding turmeric to your dish you can dispense of less useful ingredients, and enjoy the full essence of turmeric.

Benefits of using Organic turmeric:

Absolutely no added preservatives
Use less than 35% of generic Turmeric
Perfect for the novice cook to bring flare into their style
Maintains the natural essence and taste
Strong flavors and natural colors
No chemicals
No pesticides
100% All Natural

Common Uses:

Meat flavoring/ seasoning

Organic Certification (SGS Certified)
USDA Certified Organic
EU Certified Organic


Organic Turmeric.


Ganesha Foods

Organic, Mixes Herbs & Spices