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Ganesha Foods - Spices - Red Chili Powder

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Benefits of Cold Grinding:

We use specialized equipment to lower the temperature of our spices during the grinding process. This helps them retain a far higher percentage of volatile oils - the source of flavour, aroma, and health-promoting substances such as antioxidants, flavonoids, and polyphenols. Cold grinding produces finer particles that give your favourite dishes smooth texture and consistent colour.

Our Organic Red Chilli Powder is the perhaps most loved and most widely used spice. This spice is the dried form of one or more varieties of chili pepper and is known to add pungency and flavor to the dishes. A pinch of our red chili powder will enhance the taste, add desired amount of heat to nearly any dish. The vibrant red color of our spice tends to kick start any tasteless dish and a little goes a long way!

Our Organic Red Chilli Powder is the magic ingredient behind all the spicy ethnic cuisines like Indian curries, Mexican tacos, Jamaican hot wings and many more.

Benefits Of Using Organic Red Chilli Powder:

Absolutely No Added Preservatives
Use Less Than 35% Of Generic red chili powder
Perfect For The Novice Cook To Bring Flare Into Their Style
Maintains The Natural Essence And Taste
Strong Flavors And Natural Colors
No Chemicals
No Pesticides
100% All Natural

Substitute various spices with Our Red Chilli Powder:

Substitute our Organic Red Chilli powder for cayenne by adding a little more than the recipe states and reduce other pungent flavorings in the dish
Use it as paprika by adding a pinch of red chilli powder and at the same time adding salt, cream, lemon juice/tomato juice to balance the piquancy
Use it as Kashmiri Chilli Powder by mixing it with paprika to get that mild yet vibrant taste

Common Uses:

Tacos and wings
Slow cooker dishes and curries
Nearly any dish


Organic Red Chilli Powder.


Ganesha Foods

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