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Ganesha Foods - Spices - Curry Spice Powder

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Benefits of Cold Grinding:

We use specialized equipment to lower the temperature of our spices during the grinding process. This helps them retain a far higher percentage of volatile oils - the source of flavour, aroma, and health-promoting substances such as antioxidants, flavonoids, and polyphenols. Cold grinding produces finer particles that give your favourite dishes smooth texture and consistent colour.

Our Organic Curry Spice has a unique flavor due to combination of both savory and sweet spices. Our organic curry spice is a blend of various ground spices used commonly in Indian cuisine. There are many different versions of curry spice, often dictated by the region and composition of spices. Our curry spice is the perfect aromatic mixture of spices that elevates your cooking a whole new level. Like its name, our Curry spice is not only limited to curries and stews - creative chefs are finding more unconventional uses such as hamburger patties, pizza sauce, scrambled eggs. Incorporate this distinctive spice blend into your cooking to make your dish more fragrant and flavorful.

Our Organic Curry Spice is the hallmark of many Southeast Asian dishes. Spices like turmeric, cumin and red chili gives our blend a deep earthy color while clove and mace add brightness and little pep. Its exceptional taste speaks highly of our versatile and flavorful cooking.

Benefits Of Using Organic Curry Spice:

Absolutely No Added Preservatives
Use Less Than 35% Of Generic Curry Spice
Perfect For The Novice Cook To Bring Flare Into Their Style
Maintains The Natural Essence And Taste
Strong Flavors And Natural Colors
No Chemicals
No Pesticides
100% All Natural

Common Uses:

Curries and stews
Sauces for meats and vegetables
Unconventional uses such as baked potato, scrambled eggs
Used as an all purpose seasoning


Organic Certification (SGS Certified)
USDA Certified Organic
EU Certified Organic


​Cumin*, Coriander*, Red Chili*, Ginger*, Black Pepper*, Onion*, Garlic*, Turmeric*, Mustard Seeds*, Nutmeg*, Cloves*, Mace*. *Certified Organic.


Ganesha Foods

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