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Ganesha Foods

Ganesha Foods - Spices - Biryani Masala

Family Owned Producer

$3.99/50 g

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Suggested Use: Any Rice Dish

Traditional grinding processes generate heat which degrades the quality of the spices by striping away essential oils, moisture and fats the give spices their aroma and rich flavours. As much as 57% can be removed. The heat can also cause the equipment to clog and produce unwanted waste.

Cold Grind Organic spices are all ground using an innovative cold grinding process that lowers the temperature of our equipment, maintaining as much as 99.7% of all essentials oils, colours and micronutrients. This is how we are able to provide you with spices that are richer in flavour and more vibrant in colour than any other spices.


Cinnamon*, Black Pepper*, Clove*, Mace*, Green Cardamom*, Cumin*, Red Chili*. *Certified Organic.


Ganesha Foods

Organic, Mixes Herbs & Spices