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Ford Farm - Crofter Sheep Cheese

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$10.89/150 g

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Dorset Crofter marks Ford Farm’s first foray into cheese made with sheep’s milk.
Inspired by Manchego, Spain’s most popular and famous cheese, Dorset Crofter was the recipient of a Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards – even before it was named! We are anticipating many more awards as this delicious variety really begins to make an impact on the cheese-eating public.

Dorset Crofter is made from milk sourced from local Frieslands and Polled Dorsets. The technique employed for the creation of Dorset Farmer is the same as for traditional West Country Farmhouse Cheddar.

The process is performed almost entirely by hand and the cheese pressed into cylindrical moulds which are then bound in cheese cloth before being left to age, but in the case of Dorset Crofter, for around six months.

Crofter has a sweet, lingering taste which is smooth and mild, a distinctive butterscotch colour and a slightly crumbly texture.

Perfect alternative to cows milk cheese. Serve on a cheeseboard, grate onto dishes and over salads.


Sheeps' milk, salt, rennet (microbial), cultures (milk). Allergens: Contains Milk.