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Food For Life - English Muffins - Whole Grain


$9.19/454 g

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Different from most english muffins today, these are made from freshly sprouted live grains and contain absolutely no flour. We believe in sprouting the grains we use in our english muffins because sprouting is the best way to release all of the vital nutrients stored in whole grains. You can see, taste, and smell THE LIVE GRAIN DIFFERENCE!, of Food For Life english muffins. As nutritious as they are delicious. Food For Life sprouted grain english muffins are the substance of a meal - not just something that holds a sandwich together. See the difference fresh sprouts really make. Your body and taste buds will know the difference! With just one bite, you'll know they're a food for life!


sprouted wheat*, sprouted barley*, sprouted millet*, malted barley*, sprouted lentils*, sprouted soybeans*, sprouted spelt*, filtered water, fresh yeast, wheat gluten*, sea salt. *certified organic ingredients