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Fiasco Gelato

Fiasco Gelato - Dairy-Free Dark Chocolate Sorbetto

Alberta Made
Frozen Food
Handmade Product

$9.49/562 ml

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The Dark Chocolate Sorbetto is a classic Dark Chocolate dessert offered in a dairy free option.

Shipped with dry ice to ensure they stay frozen. Dry ice is extremely cold (–109.3° F, –78.5° C) and, if not properly handled, can cause severe cold burns and frostbite. Do not touch dry ice with bare hands.


Water, Coconut Milk, Cane Sugar, Cocoa, Plant Derived Stabilizer Base (organic rice syrup solids, locust bean gum, guar gum), Black Cocoa, Coconut Oil.

Fiasco Gelato

FRESHLY MADE, HAND CRAFTED. As simple as that. The best quality ingredients we can get our hands on. Fruit from places who care, nuts from the homeland of Gelato, milk from our own backyard, sugar from a cane and nothing GMO.