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Feeding Change

Feeding Change - Coconut Water - Large

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Sold frozen and good for three days after its thawed, Feeding Change raw, organic coconut water has a sweetness and complexity of flavour unlike any other coconut water you've had. Drink it to replace electrolytes or just because it tastes so good! When your coconut water turns pink, it means the coconut itself contained high levels of an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase. Polyphenols are a type of naturally occurring antioxidant, the same little buggers that make coconut water such a nutritious and delicious beverage. While all coconut water begins its life as a clear liquid, those with higher concentrations of polyphenols will turn pinkish the longer they’re exposed to oxygen and sunlight (i.e., the longer they're in the bottle). And, you guessed it, the ones that remain white or clear have lower levels of polyphenols.


organic coconut water

British Columbia

Feeding Change