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Coombe Castle - Cheese - Double Gloucester

$6.49/200 g

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Coombe Castle Double Gloucester cheese - with its deep orange hue and nutty taste - is perhaps most famous due to a centuries-old event called cheese-rolling: on the last weekend in May every year, men and women chase a wheel of Double Gloucester down Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, England.

When we say race, we mean scramble, roll, fall and bounce down the hill in pursuit of our large orange friend. This spectacular event has been happening almost every year for at least 200 years, and past participants have even included Edward the Explorer. The prize? A wheel of Double Gloucester as big as the one they launch down the hill, fortunately, here at the Castle, we can help you enjoy the cheese without the chase.


Pasteurised Cows Milk, Salt, Vegetarian Rennet, Starter Culture, Colouring: Annatto.