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Califia Farms - Cold Brew - Peppermint Mocha

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With the holidays on the horizon, peppermint mocha just, well, feels right. Califia's Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew Coffee with Almond Milk is a smooth, well-balanced, and thoroughly caffeinated glass of yum. It's made from non-GMO almonds, and it's soy, gluten, dairy, and carrageenan free as well.


Coffee (water, coffee), Almond beverage (water, almonds), Sugars (cane sugar, monk fruit juice concentrate), Alkalized cocoa powder, Calcium carbonate, Natural flavour, Sunflower lecithin, Sea salt, Potassium citrate, Guar gum, Gellan gum, Peppermint oil.

Contains: Almonds