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Borderland Food Company

Borderland Food Co. - Free Range Chicken Bone Broth

Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer
Frozen Food
Handmade Product

$11.49/591 ml

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For individuals looking to incorporate bone broth into their daily diet, our broths are made with the highest quality ingredients and slow-cooked for over 24 hours to ensure maximum nutrient extraction and flavour. Perfect for sipping or adding to your favourite recipes.


Free-range chicken bones (backs, necks, feet + wings), organic carrots, organic celery, organic onions, apple cider vinegar, pink himalayan sea salt, organic peppercorns, organic parsley, organic rosemary, organic bay leaves

Borderland Food Company

Bone broth - free range/grass fed, all organic, simmered for well over 24 hours, at a lower price.