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Berries - Haskap - Frozen

Alberta Made

$8.99/450 g

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Open up a pouch of Canada’s super berry and you’re immediately greeted by beautiful deep indigo fruit, bursting with flavour and polyphenols—the most of any berry in the world.
Perfect in yogurt, smoothies, or even on their own as a snack. Minimally processed with zero added sugar or preservatives, these frozen haskaps are non-GMO and 100% Western Canadian.

Vitalaberry Farms is an environmentally aware, collective group of haskap growers producing top-quality fruit, and maintaining sustainable farming practices. For them, this means exhibiting the natural resiliency and wonder of the haskap plant without the use of harsh or unnecessary chemicals and GMOs. These efforts ensure farming procedures that are ethically inclined and do not interfere with biodiversity in their areas. Each of the growers are committed to treasuring the land and their relationship with their customers and visitors. The community of growers has been steadily rising since Vitalaberry Farms’ beginning in 2015 (formerly North 49 Fruit Corporation). They are now freckled across the vast plains of Alberta and Saskatchewan, working hard to grow this super berry that is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Not only is it good for the body and mind, but it also tastes great too!

Vitalaberry Farms

Vitalaberry Farms are 12 (and growing) dedicated haskap farms, scattered across Western Canada, growing haskap berries in the healthiest way possible.