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Beehive Cheese - Pour Me a Slice - Cheddar Infused with Basil Hayden's Kentucky Whiskey

$8.79/113 g

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We’ve partnered with our good friends at Basil Hayden to bring you this artfully aged cheddar that’s infused with their Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It’s sweet and creamy with a hint of bourbon spice.

We love pioneers and explorers. That’s what makes our partnership with Basil Hayden's so exciting.

Basil Hayden Sr. began distilling his Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey in 1796 using his own mash based on what he had on hand. Unconstrained by the rules of traditional bourbon, he discovered what we now call “high-rye”.

At Beehive Cheese, we can relate to breaking rules and going our own direction. Since our founding, we have produced unique and complex cheeses that are leaders in their category of American cheeses.

What does it taste like?
Pour Me A Slice is sweet and creamy. As you near the rind, the spiciness of the bourbon becomes more pronounced. This beauty will be enjoyed by bourbon and cheese enthusiasts alike.

Any of Basil Hayden premium bourbons
Medium to full-bodied red wines
Ales of all kinds

Toasted nuts

3rd Place World Cheese Awards 2021


Pasteurized cow's milk, Salt, Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey, Cheese cultures, Vegetarian Rennet.