Azin Foods was established in 1984 in Iran and remains a family business to this day. It started off with one man selling pistachios and now we export many different kinds of fruits and nuts to countries around the world such as Canada, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France and more.

We are best known for our organic dates, organic oranges, and organic grapefruits all grown in our farm in the ancient village of Bam as shown below.

Our farm is where our dreams came true. Situated in the deep country in Iran, Bam is a small village growing organic fruits for 2000 years. We still use the same farming methods as the ancient times. No pesticides are ever used and we hydrate our farms with an underground water well that sources clean water from surrounding mountains. Our farm produces the richest organic dates, oranges and grapefruits. It is a one of a kind oasis where we grow organic oranges and grapefruits alongside the dates which help deter insects. It is truly a haven for the worlds finest fruits.