Thank you for your interest in helping to promote the message and brand of The Organic Box.  It is critical that we provide a consistent and uniform brand to the public so people know who we are and what we stand for.  Please take the time to review our Identity Standards Document and feel free to use any of the assets on this page as outlined in the standards documentation.

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Useful Logos and Mantras

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Messages - Who are we and what we do

Wondering how to tell our story? Want a few words about who we are? Use these examples.

Short Overview:

We are a family of farmers, bakers, chefs, artisans, crafters and food enthusiasts working together to bring you the very best organic and natural foods from Alberta and abroad. We work hard everyday to find the best values and prices and share those with the members in our food family. 

We deliver products to your door or our partner drop locations across Alberta. Buy your food directly from the people who make it and support family farms, healthy eating and the local economy.

Long Description:

The Organic Box was started in 2010 as a farm-direct produce box program with five initial farming families around Edmonton. Today, it services dozens of farmers and thousands of families across Alberta. We are a full service grocery delivery service that focuses on locally-produced, natural and organic food that we carefully choose and curate to ensure that when you choose food from us, you are getting only the best our food system has to offer.

We use our distinctive, reusable cardboard boxes and  long-lasting green tote bins to deliver your food and our services are available on a set day a each week based on where you live in your community and the province. Our colourful delivery vans drop our special food on your doorstep and every week is like Christmas as you unpack your treasures as a family and see what goodness we have brought.

Our curated boxes are fully customizable and you can choose from 1000s of items in our catalogue.

The Organic Box is family-owned and operated. There is no big corporation or large investment bank standing behind us. We are grass-roots and family-focused, no matter what the make-up or size of your family.

Join the healthy, local food movement by signing up for a membership with The Organic Box. Your food family awaits.

Our Social Media

The Organic Box is very active on our Social Media Channels.  We love to spread our message of good food and family farms across as many platforms as possible.

Danny's Instagram

(our founder, active during the summer months):

Farm Photos

Feel free to use these photos of our farms and producers. If you want specific information about any one producer you see here, let us know. [Hint: Open all these images in a new tab or window to get the full-sized, hi-res version.]

Food Pictures

We have thousands of food pictures, and we hope you will create a library of your own as you explore what we have to offer. Here are a few of our favourites for you. [Hint: Open all these images in a new tab or window to get the full-sized, hi-res version.]

The People Behind The Box

Everyone has a special story, and we are a team made up of special stories.  Farmkids, Computer Geeks, Artists, Scientists and even Professional Clowns make up our team. The people and our service is what makes us special. Check it out. [Hint: Open all these images in a new tab or window to get the full-sized, hi-res version.]