Family owned. Locally grown.

Our food family starts with a network of local farmers

The Organic Box is owned and operated by a local Edmonton farming family. With 40+ team members in Alberta and a network of supporting farming families across western Canada, we work together to find ways to eat sustainably.

"We understand that organic food isn't just about better flavour and nutrition. It's also about being part of a food cycle that cares for people and the environment. Your membership with The Organic Box supports an ethical food philosophy. The farmers that grow your food do not use dangerous chemicals, but rather safe practices that improve the quality of the soil with each crop. This is the ethical way to keep farm employees healthier, and harmful chemicals out of the soil and broader eco-system.

We invite you to join our food journey, as we continue exploring certified organic food and finding ways to eat sustainably. From our family to yours, let's grow better together."

~ Danny Turner

Local vs. Local First

To us, local means more than food miles.

It is about economic beliefs and making the best choices for your community.

The Organic Box is local first. This means we buy as close to home as possible. But we also define local by buying from people who act locally in their own communities—own their own land, pay their workers living wages—with the money staying in those communities. 

When it comes to making our food choices, The Organic Box follows the money. We care about where your food dollar is going and work hard to ensure it stays in the communities producing the food. That's because we realize our purchases have a meaningful impact to the producers we buy from. 

We strive to buy locally first, partner with local producers and work with other local businesses for services like insurance, vehicle purchases/maintenance, fuel for our delivery fleet and more. We want to keep as much of every dollar you spend in your communities and support organic producers providing an economic benefit to their own communities, whether that is 100 or 10,000 miles away.