Our Community

At The Organic Box, our members are valued as a part of our team. Thanks for your support. You are part of a movement, not just a food service.

Through your membership with The Organic Box you are supporting an ethical food philosophy. It is not just about food that tastes better (although we sure think it does). It is about being part of a food cycle that cares for people, cares for the earth, and the environment. The farmers that grow your food do not use pesticides or dangerous chemicals. They use practices that improve the quality of the soil with each crop instead of draining it of nutrients. This is the ethical way to produce; it keeps farm employees healthier, keeps harmful chemicals out of the soil, and the broader eco-system.

However, growing organic is challenging. Crops are more susceptible to pests, hail, and disease. We believe in supporting farmers through those challenges by committing to buy food from them even when it is not ascetically perfect, and throughout the entire growing cycle. The major grocery chains sell food that has been genetically modified or treated with chemicals to look perfect, and they will often reject imperfect crops on delivery. This can cost farmers thousands of dollars in returned product. We are happy to buy nourishing organic food, even when it has spots and weather marks. Why? Because it gives farmers a secure market, it is really good food, and it enables the cycle of ethical food production to continue.

Another challenge of organic food, it does not last as long. We are so used to food that keeps for unnatural lengths of time because of all the preservatives. Your organic food needs to be cared for like fresh cut flowers. When your food comes to you it hasn't been killed with chemicals and fumigation; it is still alive. Wash it when you receive it, cut away any soft bits, and enjoy the rest. Ensure your fridge is 4 degrees C at the front and keep everything but the bananas in the fridge, in sealed containers or open bags. If you have questions about how to care for your food, the office staff here are happy to talk with you.

We are grateful that you, despite these challenges, choose organic food. Thank you for playing such an an important role in the organic food production and for supporting what we do.