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April 24, 2014

The Okanagan in a Bottle
We are so excited to have Little Creek Dressing salad dressings in stock from Kelowna. Donna and her team make the best salad dressings money could buy! Treat your taste buds to these fabulous dressings over a bed of fresh organic greens.

SSS-Spicy ...
Fresh from our friends at Spice Sanctuary in Canmore, ten amazing spice varieties for your delight. All Certified Organic and hand-blended here in Alberta. You have no excuse not to make all the meals and treats you've been wanting to try!

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Saturday Warehouse Pickup

Come visit us and pick-up your box between 9am and 1 pm. Meet our wonderful staff as they prepare the Saturday delivery routes.

Saturday Market Pickup

This week's Box at a Glance


Red Norland Potatoes
Rainbow Carrots
Salad Shoots
Field Tomatoes
Romaine Lettuce 
Bunched Carrots
Green Onions
Crimini Mushrooms

LE Cucumber
Green Kale
Lottery Bell Pepper
Avocado Hass - FT
Strawberries - Pint
Mini Watermelon
Tangelo Minneola
Bananas - FT

This week's Box


Featured Producer Profile

Bon Ton Bakery

Edmonton, AB

Bon Ton Bakery is Edmonton’s premier choice for delicious and healthy breads, baked goods and European-style pastries. They have been a unique, destination bakery since their establishment in 1956, drawing customers who value their fine fresh baking and preservative-free ingredients, and who respect their traditional techniques.

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Gold Forest Grains

Edmonton, AB

Certified Organic farm near Edmonton, Alberta that is producing stone-milled flour and whole grain products from heritage and ancient grains. They are a small family farm supplying wholesome local food that is 'Modern Wheat' free.

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Prairie Mill Bread Co.

Edmonton, AB

Opened in late 2008 by Owen Petersen, Prairie Mill Bakery in Edmonton traces its origins to a namesake operation that John and Karen Juurlink ran in Calgary for 14 years. It was through the Juurlinks that Owen, a native of Sundre, Alberta, got the bakery bug. Hired as a temp in 2001 to make Prairie Mill deliveries, Owen’s role expanded, and soon he literally was up to his elbows in dough.

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Prairie Mills

Team Organic Box

Edmonton, AB

The Organic Box has a fantastic team of energetic, inspired people who's passion is to bring you the best of the best in locally and sustainably produced Certified Organic food.  We have a delivery fleet of ten vans and a fabulous warehouse on the southside of Edmonton. 

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Why Local?


Finding sources of Organically produced, local food is our passion. We don't rest until we find the perfect balance between local production and seasonal eating. When its not from around here, we ensure that it comes from a fully traceable source and only buy from small producers.

You know where everything in your box came from.